Life Saving Oxygen

Lifeflo™ provides potentially life saving oxygen to anyone experiencing an emergency or health challenging event. 

Affordable Pricing

Up to now oxygen has been available for use in the home but in most cases too expensive, complicated, unsafe or all of the above.  Lifeflo's technology ensures that every household can safely, effectively  and affordably have oxygen nearby and ready to use.

New Technology

Our technology has been in development for over 5 years with input from US naval operations, special forces, NASA scientists, prominent emergency physicians and respiratory clinicians.
  • ...that is amazing, how can you produce oxygen like that?

    - Portable Oxygen Concentrator Engineer
  • I can see replacing every backup oxygen source we currently use with Lifeflo

    - Respiratory Care Practitioner - 40 years experience
  • I think you are selling this too cheap, you should increase the price

    - Home Healthcare Provider